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Do you want to pay a few hundred dollars now or $55,000 per ATM to the Department of Justice after March 15, 2012 for not being compliant? That is the question bothering everyone with an ATM in their store these days. Even if you do not own the ATM you need to protect yourself from ADA fines and lawsuits.

What do you need to do?

How can ATM Helpers help you do it?

The 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design become mandatory on March 15, 2012. These Standards focus on physical accessibility and communication elements related to ATMs by making ATMs accessible and more user friendly for individuals who may be visually impaired or have mobility challenges.

How can ATMH help you with these changes? ATMH has studied the new ADA standards and how they apply to the variety of ATMs in the field. We understand some ATMs may need to be replaced, others may just need a twenty dollar part and the remaining machines fall somewhere in the middle. Whatever is needed, ATMH is the company you can turn to for the right answer. You should inspect all your ATMs immediately so you can determine your costs, develop a compliance plan, and work your plan.

Are your ATMs ADA compliant? Do not wait until the deadline to have your ATMs made compliant. Just like during the mandatory Triple Des Encryption upgrades a few years ago, prices will increase toward the end of the compliance period and technicians will be too busy to fit you in before the deadline making you a target for the $55,000 fine and lawsuits from ATM customers. Please be aware that manufacturers ended up charging over double the original price of their Triple Des kits toward the deadline. Inspect your ATMs and make them compliant now; before the deadline rush and the price increase. Becoming compliant immediately could save you hundreds of dollars now and possibly tens of thousands in lawsuits and fines later!


Contact ATMH today at 1-888-895-8239 or e-mail . We will work with you to develop a plan that is cost effective.


Your ATMH Team

P.S. It is now taking 3 weeks to get new ATMs in and 2 weeks to get some ADA parts in. ATM prices have already increased and we expect a notice from manufacturers about parts increases. It is imperative that you get your ATM inspected today and get your order in ASAP. And, no, we are not trying to do a sales pitch here. We are not like that at ATMH. This is reality!

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