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Making Money with an ATM

How You Can Make Money with an ATM

The question is not IF an ATM will help you make more money, but HOW MUCH money will it help you make.

We have isolated  5 major ways small 2 you can make money with an ATM in your business:

  1. You can earn a portion or even the entire surcharge.
  2. You add to your customer base when new people find out you have an ATM.
  3. You are putting cash in the hands of your customers inside your store.
  4. You are not running the risk of sending your customers elsewhere.
  5. You are not spending anything in credit card charges when your customers pay in cash.

When you couple these with the following facts, it is easy to see the advantages of having an ATM in your business.

  1. Between 2-4% of people who pass by an ATM will use it.
  2. Customers withdraw an average of $75.61 per transaction at our ATMH branded ATMs compared to the national average of $60.
  3. 20-35% of the money withdrawn is immediately spent on purchases inside the location.
  4. The average number of transactions done by privately owned ATM is about 250 per month.
*Number of Customers # of Transactions Surcharge earned Increased Sales
per day per month per month per month
100/day 90/month $180/month $1350/gross
300/day 270/month $540/month $4050/gross
500/day 450/month $900/month $6750/gross
1000/day 900/month $1800/month $13,500/gross

*This chart is simply an illustration and may or may not indicate how the ATM will perform for your location.  Numbers calculated @ 3% of customer base, a surcharge of $2.00, and a spending rate of 25%.

$75.61 based on withdrawals from ATMH branded machines during the twelve months from 1/1/13 to 12/31/13 and $60 is based on competitor’s claims.

Chart also indicates private ownership of the ATM.