ATM Helpers


You might have an ATM, but you need ATMH and me!

Hi, I’m casH and I’m here to show you how we can work together to bring more customers in your door!  I’m fun and friendly and your customers will love me because I help them enter all sorts of crazy contests and we stay in touch with little reminders at the right times of the day or week to get them back into your store more often.

And guess what!

What I do every day is Free!!!  That’s right, I said Free!

And you don’t have to do any additional work either.
I do it all!
So, let’s get started right now with four quick questions to see if your location qualifies:
Clean. Is your store Clean?
Aggressive.  Is your transaction volume growing each year?
Smile.  Do you hire friendly employees who Smile and know their customers by first name?
Home.  Is your store a fun place that customers think of as their Home?

C-A-S-H.  Yes, that spells casH.  That’s my name!

If you answered yes to each of the questions then your location qualifies to work with us.




….or call ATMH at 888-895-8239